Joysys was founded in 2014 as a spinoff of the Human Research Institute (HRI) and develops technologies that are evaluated in numerous scientific projects to meet the needs of experts and consumers in the healthcare sector. Joysys is a company that develops and markets technologies for health assessment and control.

“During my career as a surgeon, I have saved the lives of perhaps 150 patients. If I had worked in prevention, I might have been able to save the lives of 150 Mio people!”

Christiaan Barnard, the first surgeon to successfully perform a heart transplant on a human patient, during his visit at our institute in Weiz, 15.10.1999. Barnard was very interested in our technology, unfortunately he died too soon.

The focus of development is placed on the various forms of prevention; the methods offered are applicable also for therapy and training control.

We follow our motto: health is rhythm – rhythm is health


Chronobiology studies the temporal organization of physiological and psychological processes and repetitive patterns of behavior of organisms that are affected endogenously or exogenously.

ChronoCord ©

Our ChronoCord © HRV instruments have been developed in research projects and together with intelligent software systems are now used in diverse applications in the health sector.

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